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The following terms are used in this booklet as defined in this Section.

ACUPUNCTURIST, ATHLETIC THERAPIST, CHIROPODIST, CHIROPRACTOR, DENTIST, DENTURIST, MASSAGE THERAPIST, NATUROPATH, OPTOMETRIST, OSTEOPATH, ORAL SURGEON, ORTHODONTIST, PHARMACIST, PODIATRIST, PHYSIOTHERAPIST mean duly qualified individuals legally licensed, certified and/or registered to practice in their respective disciplines by virtue of a license or certificate issued by the appropriate authority in the place where the service is provided. 

CALENDAR YEAR means January 1 to December 31 of any one year.

CONTINUOUS SERVICE means the total number of years (part years will be calculated on the basis of completed months expressed as 12ths of a year) in a relevant period during which an Employee has been a member of the Welfare Plan from the Employee's latest date of participation in the Welfare Plan to the Employee's next following date of:

  1. termination from covered employment in the Canadian Elevator Industry, or
  2. retirement from active employment in the Elevator Industry under the Pension Plan.

CONVALESCENT HOSPITAL means an extended-care facility, such as a sanatorium or skilled nursing home, or a special wing or ward of a Hospital.

Eligible dependents are your Spouse and your natural unmarried dependent children under 19 years of age who are not themselves eligible for coverage under the Welfare Plan as Employees. Dependent children 19 years of age and over who continue their education on a full time basis at an accredited school may be covered under the Welfare Plan until they reach age 25 provided they are not otherwise employed on a full time basis.  Proof of their full time attendance at school must be submitted to the Plan Administrator on an annual basis. 

Dependent children who are over the age of 19 and for medical reasons are totally dependent on you for support may be covered under the Welfare Plan provided they are not otherwise covered as an employee under their own benefit plan.  In order for a child to have coverage under this provision you must submit documentation to the Trustees for approval.

Note: Children who are not the member’s natural children are not covered unless the member legally adopts them.

On a case-by-case review by the Board of Trustees, eligible dependent coverage has been expanded to include non-biological dependent children where, per a sworn affidavit, the biological father cannot be located.  Documentation must be submitted to the Board of Trustees for review.

EMPLOYEE includes any mechanic or helper who is an active member in good standing with the International Union of Elevator Constructors in Canada and is employed within the scope of the Collective Agreements, a retired member of the International Union of Elevator Constructors who retired on pension directly from active covered employment in the Industry, and any Employee who has accepted a supervisory position and who has opted to remain an active member in good standing with the International Union of Elevator Constructors and has opted to remain in the Welfare Plan after the date of promotion.

HOSPITAL means an institution which chiefly provides inpatient medical care of the injured, sick or chronically ill, has a staff of licensed doctors (M.D.) and 24-hours nursing care by registered nurses (R.N.), and is approved as a hospital for payment of the ward rate under the Provincial Health Plan.

PHYSICIAN means a duly qualified physician or surgeon who is legally licensed to practice medicine.

PLAN ADMINISTRATOR means Manion Wilkins & Associates Ltd ., 500 – 21 Four Seasons Place, Etobicoke, Ontario  M9B 0A5

PSYCHOLOGIST means a duly qualified individual legally licensed to provide therapeutic services in the treatment of mental and emotional illnesses within the scope of his or her license.

REASONABLE AND CUSTOMARY means the usual charge of the provider for the service or supply, in the absence of coverage, but not more than the prevailing charge in the area for a like service or supply. A like service or supply is one of the same nature and duration, requires the same skill and is performed by a provider of similar training and experience.

SERVICE means the total number of years for all periods of an Employee's participation under the Welfare Plan.

SPOUSE means a person who -

  • is legally married to the Employee and is not living separate and apart from the Employee; or
  • although not married to the Employee, is and has been living with the Employee in a conjugal relationship either:
  1. continuously for at least one year; or
  2. in a relationship of some permanence, if they are the natural or adoptive parents of a child, both as defined in the Family Law Act of Ontario.


  1. A notarized statement confirming the status of any common-law relationship must be provided to the Plan Administrator.
  2. For purposes of the Pension Plan the definition of "Spouse" shall be as required under the pension legislation for the province in which you are employed.  If you require the definition which applies to you, please contact the office of the Plan Administrator. 





This is a general outline of the Plans and its purpose is to explain as briefly and clearly as possible each of the benefits to which you are entitled. The benefits outlined under the Plans are subject to the terms and conditions of the Plan documents and Group Master Policies. If there is any conflict between this outline and the Plan documents and Group Master Policies, the Plan documents and Group Master Policies will apply in all cases. Also remember that no benefits are guaranteed and that the benefits can be changed by the Trustees at any time.

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