What is the identification number? The identification number is the Member's Social Insurance Number.
Notes: For now we use SIN as their identification number, however, plans are underway to issue a separate
identification (certification) number mid 2004.

Why do we need to sign this form? The form authorizes MWA to deal with the Member's personal information. With this form, we are allowed to answer questions from the three parties listed: the Member's spouse or immediate family member, the Board of Trustees for the Plan, and the Member's Business Representative and his/her secretary. Without this authorization form, MWA will only be able to answer questions from the Member and will not be able to answer anyone else's questions concerning the Member, even questions from the Member's spouse or immediate family members.

I've dealt with MWA for many years now. Why is there this sudden change? As of January 2004, Federal legislation will change the way we deal with the Member's personal information. For example, if the Member's spouse were to call us regarding dental coverage, we would not be able to release any information to the Member's spouse. With this authorization form, we will be able to process incoming calls more securely and efficiently.

Do I have to sign this form? No. The form is voluntary.

What if I don't sign this form? If you don't sign the form, we will not be able to provide information to anyone but yourself, the Member. We will not be able to discuss your file with anyone else. For example, if your wife/husband were to call us on your behalf, we would not be able to release information. The form gives us
permission to talk about your information to the three third parties indicated on the form.

My husband/wife is deceased, but I still receive benefits from MWA. Should I still sign this form? If the Member is deceased, there is no apparent need for the authorization form. However, in the future, if there are any problems, it is recommended to have this authorization.

I don't want Mr. X and/or Company Y to have access to my personal information. How do I do this? You can specify the people and/or parties in writing. You can include or exclude people and/or parties, also in writing.

I worked for a union for only a short time, a long, long time ago. Should I still sign and send this form in? If you receive any benefits, or in the future, you are eligible to receive benefits, the form will allow us to handle questions from the three third parties listed on the form. Without the form, we will only be able to deal with you, the Member, and no one else.

Who will have access to my personal information? Certain authorized individuals have access to your information in the day-to-day administration of your plan. These include MWA staff, and also other professionals used in the administration of your plan such as the insurance company, custodian etc. The information is only used for the specific purpose of administering your pension and/or welfare benefits and is not released or disclosed toanyone else or for any other purpose.The authorization form only also gives access to the three third parties, as listed on the form. Again, you can specify the names in writing to include or exclude parties.

Will I lose any of my benefits by signing this form? Will it affect my pension? No. The form will not affect your benefits or coverage with MWA. It simply gives us permission to handle your personal information with the three third parties listed on the form.

What kind of information would be released? (Alternatively, What kind of information about my deceased father/mother (Member) would be released? If there is a signed authorization form, only the information requested by the third party would be released, and only once we are satisfied that the party requesting the information is doing so on your behalf. In other words, we will ensure that, if someone calls asking for information, that they are calling on your behalf and they are authorized by you. The information requested is usually the status of your claim, the amount of your benefit entitlement etc.

What would happen if MWA released incorrect information? Wouldn't MWA still be liable? [From the form: By signing below, I release the Trustees, the Trust Fund(s), and Manion Wilkins and Associates Ltd. from any resultant liability that may occur from the disclosure of personal information.] The form allows us to release information to a third party. The standard wording on the release means that the member cannot come back and say that we should not have released the information to the third party. However, if we did release incorrect information, we would be liable. (every situation is different – it would depend on whether we made a mistake and gave the wrong info., or whether we gave out information that was provided to us and that information turned out to be incorrect).

How would I resolve any problems with the union if I do not give authorization to the Business Representative? The form allowing us to release information to a business rep. is only allowing us to release information that is related to the administration of the member's pension and benefits, however, there are some related matters such as administration of Union dues, industry monies, clarification of whether a person is a member in good standing with the union. Also, the form only authorizes us to release information when we are satisfied that the person is speaking on your behalf. Notes: The answer to this question depends on what kind of 'problems with the union' they are talking about. MWA only gets involved in pension and benefit issues. According to the letter "A Message From Your Plan Administrator"— "If you do not consent to certain uses of information, or if you withdraw your consent after it has been given, we may not be able to provide you with a particular benefit or service."

What kind of benefit(s) or service(s) won't MWA provide? Two simple examples of refusing to provide consent are: 1. If you do not complete the Member Information Card which contains your consent for us to collect and use your personal information, we cannot input your information into our systems and therefore cannot administer your benefits properly. 2. If you do not complete this claim form (pension application) we cannot process your claim (or pension benefit).

Notes: Please note that, in most cases, the benefit plans are mandatory so the plan members cannot really withdraw or refuse their consent for us to use their personal information because we need their personal information to administer their benefits. Another point, members cannot refuse to give us their SIN number because we need it for taxation reasons*. They can, however, refuse to allow us to use their SIN number as their main identification number. We recognize this, and will be changing our entire system in the new year to assign all brand-new identification number.

*Life insurance premiums are taxable benefits to members, pension benefits are taxable benefits, pension adjustments (PA's) are tax deductions, disability benefits may or may not be taxable, some self-pays are tax deductions, health & dental premiums in Quebec are also taxable benefits. Very rarely is there a plan that does not have a taxation requirement. Check with the Client Service Representative if you are not sure about the taxation of a particular plan or benefit.

How can a dependant, as listed on the Plan, protect his/her information from being misused or disclosed? We protect dependants' information the same way we protect plan member information, i.e., we do
not release any personal information to any unauthorized person. However, in the case of a minor child, we are allowed to discuss or release their personal information to either the member or the spouse.


This is a general outline of the Plans and its purpose is to explain as briefly and clearly as possible each of the benefits to which you are entitled. The benefits outlined under the Plans are subject to the terms and conditions of the Plan documents and Group Master Policies. If there is any conflict between this outline and the Plan documents and Group Master Policies, the Plan documents and Group Master Policies will apply in all cases. Also remember that no benefits are guaranteed and that the benefits can be changed by the Trustees at any time.

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